Dear Candidate,


Welcome to the ICSI online services portal. In case you are facing the problem in registration on the portal of the Institute, the following steps may be followed :


1.                 Open the portal by using the using link  through Internet Explorer only.

2.                 Use the reset button on the right middle panel in case you desire to register for the services.

3.                 The system will accept your registration number of 17 digits in case you are a student or membership number in case you are a member.

4.                 Use the submit button.

5.                 The screen will refresh and the message where the e-mail for verification is being sent will be reflected on the screen. It may be noted that you must have a valid e-mail account to use this service.  

6.                 In case the e-mail ID as mentioned in the message is incorrect, immediately send a mail to in case of students and to in case of members with your particulars for updation of your latest and working e-mail ID.  On receiving confirmation from the student services department regarding updation of the e-mail ID at their end, kindly pursue  from step No. 1 onwards.  It may be noted that the earlier communication, if any, sent by the system to you may be discarded as the reset button will generate a new key and the same will come in the e-mail to you from

7.                 In case, the e-mail ID as mentioned in the message is correct, you are bound to get an e-mail from the e-mail ID  It has been noted that in some of the cases, this e-mail goes to the spam folder.  You can extract this e-mail from the spam folder or register this e-mail ID in the white list of your e-mail account.  It may be noted that all further mails will also be coming from this account only.  The best option may be to add this email address to your contact list.

8.                 Once you access this e-mail, use the requisite link as provided in the e-mail to complete the process of registration. 

9.                 The system will be reflecting your registration or membership number against the user name.  Below the same, will be two text boxes, the first one with the label New Password and the next one is Confirm Password.  Fill in the same password that you desire in both the text boxes.  Kindly ensure that exactly the same password is used in both these text boxes. 

10.             While determining the password, kindly ensure that the password should NOT be less than 5 characters NOR more than 10 characters in length.

11.             In some cases, it has been noted that a message will come that the key generated does not match.  It means that the user has generated the key more than once and is using a previous key link of a previous mail.  The user in this case must delete all the e-mails that have been received, apply afresh by using step no. 1 and thereafter, use the link that has been received by mail thereafter.

12.             In some rare cases it has been noted that email is not being received by the candidate. In such cases the candidate is requested to get the email id changed with some alternate email id in the institute by sending a request to in case of student and to in case of member by following step number 6 above.

13.        In order to use all the facilities provided in the portal make sure that pop up blocker mode on the internet explorer should be on.



It has been noted that the students and members who have missed on the above steps, specially not checking their spam mail account for the incoming mail from are the ones who are facing perpetual problems.  In case you are still facing the problem, you may send your details to for evaluation.  In this communication, you are requested to provide all the requisite details as well as the steps that have been taken by you as mentioned above.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,



The Institute of Company Secretaries of India